Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

"We" and "us" means Minibus Transports and ICABIT LTD.

This Web site may contain links to other Websites which are independent of this Web site. These external websites are not under our control.

Whilst all reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of this website, all recommendations or suggestions regarding the use and application of products are made without guarantee since conditions of use are beyond our control. Owing to a policy of constant improvement, the information herein is subject to change without notice.

It is Your responsibility to ensure that Your Details are correct. When You make a Booking, this constitutes an offer which Minibus Transports may or may not accept. Your Booking is not confirmed until you received the confirmation email. 

So As you pay for a journey an acknowledgement email will be automatically generated and send to your email address. You must go through the email to ensure that the details we received are correct, otherwise Minibus Transport and our partners (PHO and Minibus & Coach Hire Partners) do not take responsibility. 

Any Booking You make may also be subject to PHO and Coach Hire Terms & Conditions, although where there is any conflict between the PHO Terms & Conditions and the provisions of this agreement, the provisions contained in this agreement override those in the PHO Terms & Conditions.

Minibustransports requires all bookings to be paid upfront in full before travel commences unless agreed otherwise. By paying in full or agreeing to pay in the near future or by leaving a deposit for a booking you will be agreeing to the Terms and Conditions outlaid in this document.

On assigning a driver for the job another email will be sent to you manually from one of our Partners (PHO & Minibus Coach Companies). The content of this email comprises of the driver’s contact information and some instructions regarding the journey. The company won’t be liable to return your payment in case you forget to take the details with you.

Any unanticipated situation such as accident, traffic jams, unfavourable weather etc. resulting in missed flights won’t create any liability on the company (We or Our Partners).

Passengers must account for unpredictable circumstances described above while planning for the journey and are advised to plan to reach the airport at least two hours before the departure time of the flight. The company won’t accept any responsibility in case a passenger misses his/her flight if two hours for unseen circumstances weren’t allowed.

You are not bound to count for additional two hours while booking your journey but the company won’t be responsible for any loss you will suffer if you miss your flight in such an arrangement.

Customers are advised to be sure about the passenger/luggage capacity they need, at the time of booking for the journey, because the company won’t accommodate or accept any responsibility if they need more capacity than they booked for. In case you are not sure about capacity of the vehicle you reserved please contact our customer’s relation department.

Passengers booking for a journey from the airport to any location must provide us their arrival date and time to the airport not their departure time.

In case of any delay in your arrival time please do inform our customers relation department or the driver immediately.  

Our Partners (PHO & Minibus Providers Partners) prefers to use their own vehicles but may also hire a third party vehicle in some cases.

A fifty percent fair in addition to the listed prices will be charged for the journeys booked for following dates and timings:

6:00 pm December 24 to 11:59 pm December 26

6:00 pm December 31 to 11:59 pm January 1

Some other days may also fall in the category.

Termination, Cancellation and Pricing Policy

The calculation of price of journey depends upon distance to be travelled, time required for the travel, number of passengers and amount of luggage. The company reserves the right to assign a better vehicle type from the one you chose in case the vehicle booked for isn’t available.

1- Minibus Transport Reserves the right to terminate a booking should it not be paid in full. 

2- Minibus Transport Reserves the right to terminate a booking where we not send the confirmation email.

3- All qoutes will be expired after 24 Hours. 

4- Minibus Partners will wait 15 minutes out of courtesy for passengers to arrive and load onto the vehicles. After 15 minutes Our Partners  will apply a £40 per hour waiting charge for standard minibus and £60 per hour waiting charges for executive minibus.

5- Minibus Transport and our Partners will not provide a refund of any kind if they are given less than 10 days notice to cancel a booking.

6- Smoking any sort of substances is completely prohibited on any of our vehicles. We and our partners reserve the right to cancel/terminate bookings should this situation occur.

7- Consumption of Alcohol is not permitted on vehicles provided by us & Minibus Transport Partners unless agreed otherwise in writing.

8- No part of these Terms and Conditions affects your rights as a consumer. These Terms and Conditions are in addition to your rights as a consumer.

9- Minibus Transport will only refund to clients who are delayed more than 30 minutes.

10- Cancellations of bookings are only accepted with 14 days notice. (We only accept written notification)

£50 Fee will be incurred for any booking cancellation, Plus we won't refund any booking process fee paid at the time of booking.

  a) If you cancel more than 14 days prior to the date that the Services are to be provided then we will charge £50 cancellation Fee.

  b) If you cancel the Services 14 or fewer days before the date that the Services are to be provided then we are entitled to charge you the full amount and you will not be entitled to any refund.

Note: At present due to high demand for a refund due to coronavirus  ( refund can take up to 60 working days).

11- Given quotes only consider as booking by Minibus Transport and our Partners once we send a confirmation email. We only send a confirmation email once we received Booking Deposite or Customer pay in Full.

12- We did not take any responsibility if the customer did not receive the confirmation email. It's Customer responsibility to make sure they received the confirmation email. Otherwise please contact us.

13- Should the reserved vehicle become unavailable Minibus Transport and Our Partners endeavours to supply a similar/same type of vehicle however Minibus Transport and our partners is unable to guarantee any specifications such as vehicle colour, interior features, possible decorative themes or any company branding. These features can and will vary. 

14- In Extrem Circumstances we can send add 2 8 seater Minibus if we in a specific area we don't have any 16 Seater Coach Provider Partners. As PHO licence only cover 8 Seater Minibus, So we have to request our PHO to send 2 8 seater Minibus (But in these extreme Circumstances we always inform our customers in advance).

15- Flight delay - (Maximum waiting time 1 hr free waiting time) after that waiting time will be charged at £60 per hour for 16 seaters and £40 per hour for 8-9 seater minibus

16- If Flight delay more then 1 hr 20 mins we have the right to send a minibus to next job and offer an alternative vehicle or multiple vehicles.

17- If customer refuses to pay waiting time, we can cancel their booking and journey will be terminated.


Our Partners  Means "PHO" and "Minibus Providers"

Our Partners (PHO & Minibus Providers Partners) prefers to use their own vehicles but may also hire a third party vehicle in some cases.

Minibus transport is Lead Generation website system. When You enter the details of the Trip, Minibus transport will endeavour to provide You via the Website with Quotes from one or more Private Hire Operators and our Coach Hire Companies that are able to fulfil Your requirement.