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Minibus Hire 7, 8, 9, 12, 14, 16 Seaters with Driver

Minibus Transport Solutions has rapidly grown into a reputed transport provider of London. With our quality minibus services, we aim at providing the customers with an outstanding transport service. Regardless of the destination, we try to provide them with a fleet of swanky vehicles. Select one of the vehicles and it will arrive at the pick-up destination accompanied with a well-trained driver. The cheap minibus services provided by us ensure that you reach the destination in comfort and opulence, and that too under a budget.

The minibus airport transfer services provided by Minibus Transport Solutions end all the inconvenience of traveling. No matter at what time of the day you want to go for a ride, there will be a well-maintained minibus at your services. You can select from our existing fleet of vehicles that is being divided into 3 subcategories:

minibus hire in london
  • Standard Minibus
  • Executive Minibus
  • Luxury Minibus

Serving different purposes, these minibuses are manufactured with an exceptional quality and are well maintained with meticulously cleaned interior. These vehicles are equipped with all the latest gadgets such as DVD Player, charging plugs, microphones and much more. Along with full-size coach seats, there will be ample space for the luggage you are carrying.

In addition to all the luxuries, the customers will receive a 24*7 service throughout the week. By opting for our minibus services, you can go to any place and any event regardless of the time. Either take a tour of the dream city or book the London airport transfer service, the choice is completely yours. All these transfer services are provided at a competitive price to suit all the budgets. Altogether, it is going to be the cheapest minibus hire with driver.

So, look for your needs and select one from the given subcategories.

Among the three categories of our quality minibus services, the first one is Standard Minibus Hire. Offered at the cheapest rate, these minibuses are accompanied with high-end facilities. With our cheap minibus services in London, one can book for group travel, corporate tours, night outs, events, exhibition, and even airport transfer services in London.

The vehicles included in the standard minibus category are 5 to 24 seater minibuses. However, if you demand some extra seats, then MTS do have some great options available. So, just plan the journey and forget about the travel hassles.

12 seater Standard minibus hire london

16 seater Standard minibus hire london
  • Facilities available in the standard minibuses are:
    • 3 point seat belt
    • Charging plugs
    • DVD players
    • Pushed cool air on individual unit
    • Dimmer lights
    • LEZ compliant

The drivers provided in the Standard Minibus Hire are equally trained as that of the other two service categories. MTS makes sure that the customers have the best travel experience and for this every possible measure is followed, including the training of the drivers. Regardless of the price range and the journey hour chosen, the best drivers of the city will be allotted to you.

While driving the clients around the city, our drivers make sure that they feel no less than a celebrity. Our passionate staffs will leave no stone unturned in making the journey memorable. Moreover, all the minibus hire services are available with 24/7 airport transfers and is also accessible for the night tour of the dream city of London.

For the confidence and security of the clients, we hire only those drivers who are fully licensed and have been verified by the travel department.  To book one of the standard minibuses, you just have to get in contact with us. Either ask for a free quote through the website or make a direct contact through a call. Booking is open throughout the week and 24*7 a day.

If you are visiting London for a corporate tour, Executive Minibus Hire with a driver is the best option to manage the travelling hassles. With the quality minibus service of MTS, you will travel in extravagance and comfort. This is also a great way to impress the colleagues as they are surely going to like the lavishness added to the journey. Starting with the minibus airport transfer services, you can continue with the city tour, events, and function during any time of the day.

Under the Executive Travel Hire, we offer some of the swanky vehicles in which the clients can boast their luxurious tour. The interiors of the executive minibuses are designed in a way to support all the corporate and comfort needs. Acknowledging the fact that comfort is a must for enjoying a journey utmost, the following facilities have been added to the executive minibuses.

luxury minibus
  • The best facilities you will get with the standard minibus are:
    • A sophisticated interior
    • Extra Leg Space
    • Reclining Seats
    • Luggage storage Area
    • The Microphone PA system
    • DVD System
    • Fully Air Conditioned
    • Plush seating
    • Dimmer lights
    • LEZ Compliant

In addition to the comfort, the customers dont even have to worry about the capacity of the vehicles as we have 7 to 24 seater minibuses available at us.

The driver who will take you on the round of the city is elegantly-dressed to match the events or purpose you are into. Additionally, they are well-trained to be courteous and polite. At MTS, the hiring of the drivers is done only after an elaborated search of the background. Hence, you do not have to be worried about the safety and security. No matter, what the time and location is, a 24/7 airport transfer service is provided by us. Our passionate drivers will pick you up on time and will make the journey short and quick.

Not just corporate journeys, you can also book these minibuses for high profile parties and functions, where you want to serve your guests in comfort and lavishness. Altogether, minibus hire with driver has never been easier than this.

As the name suggests, Luxury Minibus Hire is actually meant to be opulent. We ourselves love this category as whether it is a simple London city airport transfer or a night tour of the city, the clients enjoy their travel to the fullest. We constantly receive feedback from the clients saying that they had the best journey ever. Well, these are the words MTS strive to hear from all the customers. In order to make this dream possible, we launched Luxury Minibus Hire that provides a quality minibus service in London.

At MTS, we take pride in providing an excellent service of minibus hire with drivers. Under the Luxury minibus hire, the vacationers will find a fleet of first-rank cars that are bedecked with ease and magnificence. To travel in these high-rank minibuses, one can book a luxury airport transfer or can go on a night tour of the city. The fleet of minibuses includes 7-24 seater minibuses. So, dont even worry about the number of persons accompanying you.

luxury minibus hire london
  • Check out this list of outstanding services:
    • A well enlighten interior
    • Extra Leg Space
    • Reclining Seats
    • Luggage storage Area
    • The Microphone PA system
    • DVD System
    • Fully Air Conditioned
    • Champagne and food
    • Flowery fragrance

Make a booking and our well-trained drivers will pick you from the destination and make sure that you reach the location on time. A thorough knowledge of the city routes makes it easier for them to find the best possible route. Even minibus airport transfer services are provided under this category, with 24*7 availability.

Moreover, if someone is looking for a cheap minibus hire with driver, offering some outstanding services, then this category falls under their consideration. Count on Minibus Transport Solutions for your opulent visit to London city.

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