The 4 most famous and busiest Seaport of London

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London is the one of the world’s major business, cultural and political centers. The city is hub of international socio-political and economical activities. It has major tourist destinations and famous landmarks and busiest seaports. People all over the world come there for their economic activities that are why it is called city of nations. Traveling in the London city as stranger is just like take a bull by the horns.

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It is one of the heaven ports, located one of the coast with the North Sea to the east its position on the Estuaries of the Stour and Orwell rivers. Harwich is around 145 KMS from the central London and is the smaller of the 2 prime ports: Southampton and Dover. The travel between the Harwich to central London is almost 2 hours.

Attraction place of the Harwich

In the summer, the town is the host to the Harwich mariners of the Cape Cod baseball league.

Shops in Harwich

The Harwich has a large group shop that has featured over 40 dealers. These shops deal with coins, postcards, lamps, military items and much more.

 Supermarket in Harwich  

 Harwich offers convenient for residents of the West Harwich and North Harwich. Harwich offers the supermarkets in Harwich include a Shaw‘s Star Market on the Harwich port. If you want to travel to and from Harwich port, and then call minibus transport service we provide cheap minibus at low rate.


Southampton is the major port and closest to the new forest. It is lies at the northernmost point in the Southampton water.

Green space and parks:

There are many historical places and parks are available Southampton has the number of the parks and green spaces. These parks offer the best entertainment for vacations. Southampton has different ponds and lakes.


 Southampton is a major London port which has good transport links with the rest of the country. Southampton airport is a regional airport located in the town in Eastieigh.


 Southampton use to be home to a number of ferry services to the comfort of the passenger the three main famous ferries are:

  • Car ferry
  •  Cataman ferry
  •  Hythe ferry     

Minibus at Southampton:

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DOVER is a major ferry port. It lies south – east of Canterbury and north- east along the coastline from Dungeness.


 The Dover Harbour board is the responsible authority for the running of the port of the Dover. The port of the Dover is also used by cruise ship.


A historical seaport and popular for tourist destinations, Portsmouth was the home of the Strategic air command’s Pease air force base.

Sites of interest Portsmouth:

There are the different sites are included in the Portsmouth which include are:

  • USS Albacore Museum & Par
  • Buckminster House
  • currently under restoration
  • Discover Portsmouth
  •  Centerthe history of Portsmouth
  • The Music Hall
  • North Church

Historical museum at Portsmouth

There are different museum are present at Portsmouth which include are

  • Richard Jackson House
  • John Paul Jones House
  • Governor John Langdon House
  • Tobias Lear House
  • Moffatt-Ladd House
  • Rundlet-May House
  • MacPheadris-Warner House
  • Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion
  • Wentworth-Gardner House

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